people i love

Looking for awesome holistic healers in Bellingham, Wa? Check out these girls:

Sabrina at Whispering Winds Massage for massages and incredible Nephesh bath salts.

Heather Vaughn is a doTerra oil rep and an Integrative Holistic Health Coach as well. She's loaded with samples and is genuinely happy to help you.
her consultant ID number is 984424

Lauryn is an adorable Pilates instructor and licensed massage therapist. She does great private classes.

If you happen to be in the Sonora, Ca area and are looking holistic healers check out these awesome guys and gals:

Pamela Pickup offers accupuncture, massage, reiki, diet and exercise advice, and healing with Chinese herbs. She figured out the root of my incessant allergies and saved my body from further destruction.

Bobby Woodworth offers wonderful massages at his home in Soulsbyville. When the weather is nice, he sets up his table in his beautiful, private backyard.

Sarah Hosek also offers massages in Sonora, Tuolumne, and Twain Harte. She's got a great spunk and is very relatable.

Women of the internet that I absolutely adore:

Organic Olivia is 80% of the reason I am finally able to heal my body and understand why I have been sick most of my life. She also has an etsy shop to sell her beautiful, healing jewelry.

The other 20% goes to Kristen Hedges. She is another Integrative Holistic Health Coach and writes the most amazing stories straight from the heart.

And if you're looking for gourmet cupcakes delivered right to your door in mason jars, turn to Cupcakes for the Kingdom. My mom loved these as a her Mothers' Day gift and I loved picking out the flavors.

And last, but not least, the gorgeous lady that designed this sight, Tessa Worley! She is a creative goddess and creates sweet little cards for all occasions in her etsy shop.