Saturday, May 3, 2014

Get Your Sexy Back

The transition from winter to spring is always my favorite time of the year, full of change and fresh vegetables. The juicer sees daylight once again, my skin becomes one shade less pasty, and the sexy little dresses and shorts crawl out of the darkest corners of my closet. This year, some of the biggest changes thus far in my life are happening and one of which is getting my sexy back.

photo (6).JPG

Over the winter I completely let myself go: I hardly showered, rarely exercised, gave in to emotional eating almost daily, and would wear the same clothes for three days straight. The worst part was, I was constantly making reasonable excuses for my strange behavior like “I’m conserving water” or “Not having a car is plenty exercise,” but in reality, I had lost my sexy spunk. I felt like a vase of flowers, forgotten in a back room.

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Fortunately, the warm rays of sunshine and blooming plants have really brought out my inner goddess. Feeling this sense of confidence has filled the emptiness inside that I spent all winter trying to fill with cookie dough and falafel. I can’t believe I ever let myself think that I couldn’t attract any man I wanted and that I wasn’t worthy of a shower and clean clothes. I know that sounds crazy, but I think more women have succumbed to this unfortunate fate without even realizing it.

So, ladies, how do we get our spunk back?

1. Wear cute underwear. If it matches, even better. I seriously cannot stress how important this little tiny thing is. By the end of winter, I was never wearing panties, and rarely even wearing a bra, and for well-endowed women like me, not wearing a bra can leave us feeling frumpy. Also, make sure your bra fits. Here is the website that I used to finally figure out my correct size:

photo (7).JPG

2. Do a hot towel scrub in front of the mirror, naked. If you’ve never done one, you will be kissing the ground I walk on because they feel fantastic. Get a wash cloth and wet it with tap water as hot as can you bear. Wring it out and start by gently scrubbing your face in a circular motion. When the cloth starts to cool off, get it wet and hot again before moving on to the next body part. Scrub your entire body (except the sensitive areas) and afterwards treat your skin to some natural lotion or oil (coconut oil is my favorite). This will leave your skin feeling baby soft and your complexion will be glowing.

3. Speaking of mirrors, check yourself out every time you walk past one. Give yourself the up-down and smile knowing that you are a beautiful creature brimming with passion and lust.

4. Equally as important as seeing yourself as beautiful, is seeing every other woman as beautiful. When I judge other women by their appearance, I start to lose faith in my own: my shoulders hunch forward, eyes gaze to the ground when I walk, my smile loses its glow. It takes a little time to train your mind, but I think you’ll find that as your heart opens up women around you, you can truly appreciate the beauty you wear.

I’ve got my sexy back and it’s growing inside of me everyday, just like the spring harvest, despite dealing with acne, bloating, and ten extra pounds. It doesn’t matter what is “wrong” with your body, it matters that you have a body and you need to get out there and work it.