Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Is For Happiness

It’s no secret that spring is in the air, even if there is still the occasional snowstorm. Everywhere I turn there’s a tree proudly bearing the start of its new crop and the smell of freshly cut grass wafts into my nose as I walk toward the street full of people emerging for a breath of fresh air. And with spring time comes a sense of new beginnings, along with a freshly ignited desire for adventure.

As of today I am on a new chapter of my life. It’s scary, but in the best way possible. I only have a vague outline of what the future holds. A few tickets have been purchased, and some dates are set, but who knows 

what will happen and being able to accept that life is full of surprises is beyond empowering.

I am also making this new part of my life about me. It might sound selfish, but to truly love the people in my life and the ones to come, I need to know how to love myself. This is what I am already doing and planning to do for myself and what I am letting go of to move forward:

1. I took myself on a date. It wasn’t a big extravaganza, just some breakfast downtown, a good book, and a cute dress. I even did my hair and makeup. I finally had the energy to put effort into my appearance and this was my way of announcing my return to the world.

2. Go shopping. I cleaned out my closet of clothes that weren’t flattering and weren’t needed to make room for some fresh spring attire. Wearing clothes that don’t yet have memories ingrained in the thread, and that actually fit, has helped me regain my sense of femininity and womanhood.

*Side note: don’t buy clothes for the body you want, buy clothes for the body you have, no matter how dedicated you are to your new diet or workout routine.

3. Get outside. The air is clean, the sun is out, the birds are back. Go outside and let the smell of lawn mower fill you up. Take off your shoes and feel the wet grass get stuck between your toes (make sure to check for dog poop first). Stop to pet a dog that is overcome with innocent love because it only sees the beauty in the world. We are meant to be outside so listen to your heart and hold hands with the sun every chance you get.

4. Make a list of the top five things you love doing and the top five things you hate doing. How can you do more of what fills you up with happiness and less of what is holding you back from waking up with a smile on your face? Most things that we hate doing, don’t need to be done by us. Even doing something like throwing away your toothpaste because you hate the flavor and trying a new one makes a huge difference.

5. Listen to your body and trust your instincts. With this new season comes fresh food, more daylight, and a different perspective. Your body knows what’s best so let it guide you. Branch out and try new fruits and vegetables. Learn a new sport or take a different way to work. Let yourself naturally shed stagnant relationships and activities to make room for what your heart truly wants. Don’t get hung up on the past.

Spring is a beautiful time of the year, full of new memories and new traditions. To make the most of it, it is so important to open up your arms to the world and just say “yes.”